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Okay, so maybe we're not 'stop you in the streets' famous but we were overwhelmed with the support and love from our community. Check out Fierce Mama in the media and stay tuned for more in 2019. 


Mother's day cards aimed to compliment ambition, success, and the badass-ery of Motherhood. That's the idea behind fierce mama cards, a series created by a group of mothers in the design industry.

Breakfast Television

Kammy Ahuja and Alexis Bronstorph are part of a project that celebrates moms with greeting cards that you don’t typically see on store shelves. They highlight the success and ambition of working mothers.

Stimulant Online

The&Partnership's Kammy Ahuja delivered a take on Mother's Day cards that don't focus on sacrifice.

She does the city

Mother’s Day cards usually feature some variation of a flowers-and-hearts motif. But a group of Toronto moms is looking to offer an alternative this Mother’s Day with cards that speak to the reality of the working mom.

Toronto Life

When mom says all she wants for Mother’s Day is to spend some quality time with her kids, she’s just being nice. In addition to your undivided attention on May 12, we’d also recommend going above and beyond that convenience-store bouquet you plan on buying.

Elle Canada

Look out Hallmark! This group of Toronto women are reinventing  the Mother's Day card. Kammy Ahuja, a designer at a Toronto ad agency, was listening to a podcast with the prolific producer when the topic turned to the cards we give mom once a year and how they just might have it all wrong.

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