Show a mama some love

So many Mother’s Day cards celebrate a mom’s love, patience, and sacrifice, but where are the cards that celebrate her ambition, success, and general bad-assery? We (a group of working mamas ourselves) decided to fill that void. Fierce Mama Cards are designed to celebrate women who are equal parts mama and boss babe. 

To mom in a pandemic

To mom from anyone

To mom from kids

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Pay it forward

We are proud to partner with the Canadian Women's Foundation. For over more than 25 years, CWF has funded programs in more than 1,500 communities across Canada that have changed the lives of women and girls.

So while the cards are free to download, we encourage you to make a donation that will be used towards programs that provide opportunities for women and girls to recognize and develop their leadership skills.

A small gesture can make a big difference

There is nothing fiercer than celebrating strong women. We created special-edition Fierce Mama cards, just for The Shoebox Project. Every year, they collect shoeboxes filled with items that enhance self esteem for women who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness.

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